All Things Awesome NASA Edition

By on Nov 11, 2012 in Pictures | 0 comments

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NASA is awesome. Not many people know specifically why. However, here is all things awesome NASA edition. Here are two images I came across that were interesting.


You probably didn’t know a few of these. I sure didn’t.


This next picture is a recent news article by NASA. Here is the link for more information on this.


What’s interesting about this is that according to astronomer by the name of Mario Livio he suggests that the size and location of an asteroid belt, shaped by the evolution of the Sun’s protoplanetary disk and by the gravitational influence of a nearby giant (Jupiter in our case), may actually determine whether complex life will evolve on a rocky planet (such as our Earth).

“Our study shows that only a tiny fraction of planetary systems observed to date seem to have giant planets in the right location to produce an asteroid belt of the appropriate size, offering the potential for life on a nearby rocky planet,” said Martin, the study’s lead author. “Our study suggests that our solar system may be rather special.”


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