An Ode to the Earth and Moon – Spaceman Fantastiques song

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Hi Space fans! This post is a little different from my usual ones. I wanted to share this awesome collaboration between an awesome musician called Spaceman Fantastiques and myself! I wrote a story for this 8 min song. Hope you enjoy and definitely check out Spaceman Fantastiques music, it’s music the cosmos would appreciate 🙂

Listen here

Listen here to the full album called “December (2018)

Earthrise from the Moon - NASA - Apollo 8
Credit: NASA

This is a story of how one tiny unassuming world survived the vastness of the universe. It begins with a death of stars whose names we never knew, or how they came to be, and what they saw. Their last breath filled the great enveloping cosmic dark and gave birth to what we call the Sun. In these humble beginnings, its original name Terra was born but is now known as Earth. Earth’s first breath was filled with fear and chaos. It was impossibly hot, filled with nefarious lava, and being bombarded constantly. If only that was the worst of it. Earth would need to survive all alone for hundreds of millions of years and be a prisoner of its own mind. However, it was about to encounter a pain it never felt before. A planet of similar size, today we call it Mars, was on a collision course with Earth. Neither of them could move or do anything to prevent what was about to happen. The time drew near. The two distant siblings would say their final goodbyes and closed their eyes before their deadly embrace. Earth opened its eyes and something wonderful happened. Mars left a gift. Earth was not alone in the vastness of space. A moon is born and is running around the Earth with child-like wonder. A moon to keep watch over it. One that would protect it for as long as it could. One that would finally see this stunning blue globe. You see, Earth always told itself it wasn’t beautiful as it felt its deep cratered scars. Earth also never felt love before, but this might be it. It was thrilling for the Moon and Earth. However, they had no idea of the things to come. 

Another half a billion years go by and the Moon and Earth are deeply in love. They danced and spun in unison so that their eyes always met. It was this love that Earth was able to survive and cool down enough to look inward. It had felt compassion for the Moon, but even more than that the Earth noticed something else. It was missing something so obvious. Its compassion didn’t include itself. Suddenly, it softened a little more. A relaxed deep long breath ensued and it didn’t feel as much pain anymore. The Earth cried with joy and the Moon smiled gently. A tiny bit of life on Earth opened its eyes and looked at the Earth and the Moon for the first time. The Earth thought to itself “I can think of nothing more comely than the flora and fauna that I feel all around.” The Moon and Earth never spoke a word to each other but knew it would do everything to protect this life.

After 2.3 billion years since first life Earth notices a different set of children living humbly. They are also born with fear and chaos just like Earth. They’re called humans. This new life grew older and a little wiser and gave the Moon a gift. To see Earth in all its fragile beauty from the Moon’s perspective. They finally understood the love the Moon had for the good Earth. Even though they were always close, they noticed a subtle sadness. They were drifting away from each other little by little. The distance didn’t matter as their bond transcended the space between each other. Plus, the Earth never really let go of the Moon and held on in its sweet embrace. 

Today Earth is older, wiser, and noticed its children are going through a different kind of pain. They were confused, angry, hopeful, and ambitious. Earth’s children not only let the Moon feel Earth’s warmth for a moment but visited its siblings. The children wanted to make Earth feel proud that this gift of life it’s been given would be used well. They were nowhere nearly as wise or as united as the Earth and the Moon, but they would still try. Earth in all its wisdom anticipated more pain to come but knew if it persevered that its children might learn the lesson to be compassionate towards themselves. Earth wish their children could hear the valuable lesson the Earth and Moon learned. “How well we have lived. How well we have loved. How well we have learned to let go.” 

A beautiful song plays that only the Earth and the Moon hear together. They dance again as they both have for billions of years around this warm bright Sun. They internalized that happiness doesn’t lead to gratitude, but in fact gratitude leads to happiness. This gorgeous pale blue dot shimmers as it is kissed by the Sun and the Moon. The children celebrate as the Moon and Earth finish another special annual dance. The dance is about to start again and the children are reminded gently as the Moon looks lovingly at them. “Learn from us to be kinder with one another, and to preserve and cherish the pale blue dot, the only home we’ve ever known.”

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