Carnival of Space 397: Best Space News Roundup

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Carnival of Space 397: Where We Start Our Week and Dream About Tomorrow


m104 sombrero galaxy

Image Data: NASA, ESO , NAOJ, Giovanni Paglioli – Processing: R. Colombari


Hello space fans! Here’s a collection of awesome space articles submitted by the Carnival of Space community via Universe Today. Take a look around and try not to get lost as the universe is quite large and might be hard to find your way back. Well let’s jump right into it!

The Asteroid that Didn’t Hit Us


asteroid almost hit us - universe today

Check out Jason Major’s post on the asteroid that almost hit us. We encounter many near earth misses but read more about why this is more unique.


Will the March 20th Total Solar Eclipse Impact Europe’s Solar Energy Grid?


solar eclipse

Credit: James Jordan

Universe Today takes a look at the upcoming solar eclipse happening on March 20th. It’s unique event that draws many people together that’s dated back for centuries. However, how will this affect Europe’s solar energy grid? Read more here about it.


New technique to study clouds on exoplanets developed by researchers at MIT


MIT cloud

Artist’s conception of clouds on Kepler-7b. Image Credit: NASA (edited by Jose-Luis Olivares/MIT)

Meridian Journal shows us a new technique researchers at MIT developed to study clouds on exoplanets. This could open new doors and new insights for many scientists. Check out the full article here!


Astronomy Club in Cambodia


Sunset Kho Kong


Check out these awesome photos from Stefan Lamoureux over at Links Through Space. His astronomy club travels around the world to visit different astronomy scenes. Check out the rest of the post here!

NASA has Budget to Develop Europa Multiple Flyby Mission


europa clipper

Credit: NASA / JPL

Folks over at Next Big Future have some wonderful space news for us. First one up is about how NASA has enough budget to schedule a multiple flyby mission to Europa. It would be marvelous to see what awaits us beneath Europa’s thick crust.

Second, we have a great article on how Titan is the best colonization target in our Solar System. Here’s why. Next, we have a super efficient and super light cubesat propulsion that is also 10x cheaper! Check out how this is possible. Finally the last one is for our sci-fi and of course Star Wars fans out there. New Star Wars 8 in 2017 and Stars Wars Rogue One set for December 2016.


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