Carnival of Space 412: Best Space Stories of the Week!

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Hello space fans and welcome to Carnival of Space 412! We have a ton of awesome content for you and without further adieu let’s jump in.


1. “One Month

one month until pluto

Dr. Schenk’s 3D House of Satellites shows us the excitement with Pluto’s mission called New Horizons. He’s even had some influence on the mission and it’s definitely worth checking out what he has to say about this amazing mission.


2. “About Time: Is the June 30th Leap Second the Last?


Universe Today looks at the extra second we’ll be gaining on June 30th. However, is it the reason we’ve been told or is it something completely different? Check the rest out here.


3. “NASA Gives ‘GO’ for Mission to Alien Ocean World at Jupiter Moon Europa

europa mission

Universe Today looks at the incredibly exciting mission for Europa. NASA gives the green light for the mission and there are plenty of questions and mysteries to answer. Check out the full details here.


4. “Bat Astronomy: Echolocation of a Neutron Star

A system with a neutron star in orbit with a massive star about 30,700 light years from Earth.

Chandra data of Circinus X-1 reveal a set of four rings that appear as circles around the neutron star, providing a rare opportunity to determine the distance to an object on the other side of the Milky Way galaxy. These rings can be seen in the composite image of X-rays from Chandra (red, green, and blue) with a visible light image from the Digitized Sky Survey. These rings are light echoes, which are produced when a burst of X-rays from the star system ricochets off of clouds of dust between Circinus X-1 and Earth. By combining the X-rays with radio data, astronomers can use relatively simple geometry to pinpoint the location of the intervening clouds and then Circinus X-1.

Here’s a really cool and interesting post from Chandra X Observatory. This all about light echoes. Yes it is as cool as it sounds. Check out the full post by guest blogger Sebastian Heinz.

Chandra X Observatory also takes a deeper look at the gorgeous photo of the light echo here in this post.


5.  “What Is Light?


Kimberly Arcand & Megan Watzke walk us through a wonderful post called “What is Light?” If you had some burning questions or pondered a fair amount about light then this is the article for you! Check out their full post here.


6. “Mercury Shows its True Colors?!



Coloring the Universe shows us the true colors of Mercury. Was it what you expected or something completely different? Find out more in their full post here.


7. “Sinkholes on Titan: new study shows how hydrocarbon lakes may form by Earth-like erosion


From the Meridian Journal we have a fantastic article on a new study that shows how Titan’s weird hollows in the surface forms. I highly suggest checking out the rest of this post as you’ll certainly learn some new and cool stuff!


8. “From Mercury to Pluto: Planetary Exploration at APL (Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory)


This story isn’t our usual type but it does include a vast amount of valuable space content. It’s a newsletter by the Lunar and Planetary Institute. If you’re someone who loves to jump into a ton of new information about space, astronomy, and more then definitely check this PDF out.


9. “Rings, Gaps & Spikes, Oh My! An in-brief look at a new space image

Stars Open Cluster


Coloring the Universe returns with another story around the light echoes we saw from Chandra X Observatory. If you want to see what’s their take and findings then check the full post here.


10. “Muddy Mars: new evidence for liquid water flows within past million years


Now taking a trip to Mars we have an article by the Meridian Journal on the new evidence that indicates water flowed on Mars within the last 1 million years. Check out the full story here.


11. “Celestial objects out of my reach, not anymore!

NET_Fornax Galaxy

Here’s a post from our friends over at Links Through Space. Check out his full story and trip to the Sahara Sky here.


12. “Doing More with SciComm



Science communication is absolutely important and many of us are doing the best we can to bring it to the public. Star Stryder finds that it isn’t enough to just talk about facts and science but for us to appreciate the people behind science. Check out her full post here.


13. “Pluto Status Non-Update



Cosmo Quest X brings us a “Non-Update” with Pluto’s status. Is it a planet or still a dwarf? Well let Cosmo Quest tell you all about it right here


14. “Space X talks about how and why they want to land rockets


Next Big Future brings us their post on Space X and how and why they want to land rockets. Check out their full post here.

In another post we take a closer look at the elusive Ceres. If you haven’t heard about the two strange bright dots then definitely check out the full details in their post here.

Finally, Next Big Future wraps it up with their post on Pluto and Charon titled “Pluto and Charon: 99.5% of the Way there.” Check out the full post on how we’re nearing to final approach of the infamous Pluto and some cool facts about Pluto and Charon.


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