Carnival of Space 449: Best Space Stories of the Week!

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Welcome to the Carnival of Space issue 449! If this is your first time coming across this series then let me give you a brief introduction.

Carnival of Space is hosted by amazing space science bloggers across the globe where they share their best space stories. It makes your life a lot easier in tracking down these awesome stories and even some exposure to our grass roots community.

We hope you enjoy these stories and learn something new today! Without further adieu here they are:



CHIMERA: New Instrument to Help Astronomers Discover Kuiper Belt Objetcs and NEAs Asteroids


Credit: NASA / JPL-Caltech

Here’s a post (in español) from our friends over at about how a new instrument called CHIMERA or Caltech HIgh-speed Multi-color camERA, will help astronomers discover more small Kuiper Belt Objects (KBO) and near-Earth asteroids. Check out the full post here. 


Edge-On: Good for Planets, Bad for Galaxies


Credit: NASA / Hubble

Next up from the cosmos is our Canadian friend Ryan Marciniak over at The Solstice Blog. Today Ryan tells us about how most galaxy photos show the full face of the spiral galaxies. However, what about the galaxies that are edge-on? Are face-on galaxies better than edge-on? Imagine for purposes like discovering exoplanets. Take a trip over to this fantastic article and find out the full scoop here.


Dr. Mackwell has Asteroid Named After HimDr. Spudis to Receive Columbia Medal

mackwell                                                                                    spudis


Over at the Lunar and Planetary Institute we have two doctors receiving some wonderful recognition! Dr. Mackwell is getting a very cool asteroid being named after him. While Dr. Spudis will be receiving a prestigious Columbia medal. Well done guys! Check out the full article here and here.


The Early Universe was All About Galactic Hook Ups


Here’s a great article to read from The Universe Today on the notion that galaxies hooked up in the early universe. A prime example today is how our Milky Way and the Andromeda galaxy are on a collision course in about 4 billion years. Check out the full story here to learn more about this epic event.


MRO: Ten Years of Breathtaking Work Above Mars

Mars Frozen Carbon

Credit: NASA / MRO

Next from Universe Today is a recap of all the beautiful photos the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter (MRO) has taken in the last 10 years! Check out the full article here.


Amazing Images from March 2016’s Solar Eclipse

Solar Eclipse March 2016

Credit: Robert Sparks

Lastly, from Universe Today is a look at all the beautiful solar eclipse photos taken earlier in March 2016. This one is a ton of fun to look through so be sure to check out the full article here.


Telescopes Combine to Push Frontier on Galaxy Clusters

Two galaxy clusters located about 4.3 billion and 5.4 billion light years away respectively.

These two galaxy clusters are part of the “Frontier Fields” project, which uses some of the world’s most powerful telescopes to study these giant structures with long observations. Galaxy clusters are enormous collections of hundreds or thousands of galaxies and vast reservoirs of hot gas embedded in massive clouds of dark matter. These images contain X-ray data from Chandra (blue), optical light from Hubble (red, green, and blue), and radio data from the Very Large Array (pink).

We close off this cosmic journey with one of the coolest articles from our amazing Chandra X Observatory. Check out how we’re really pushing technology with getting this gorgeous image of galaxy clusters. A campaign called “Frontier Fields” uses various observatories to collect more data around these cluster of galaxies. So sit back and grab a nice cup of coffee or tea and check out their findings on these two beautiful images.


For more information on Carnival of Space please check out this page over here at Universe Today.

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