Carnival of Space 456: Best Space Stories of the Week!

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Here is another issue of Carnival of Space! We are on the 456th issue and counting. If this is your first time hearing about this community driven feature then let me give you a quick intro.

Carnival of Space was started by our friends over at Universe Today and a community of astronomy bloggers gathered together to help showcase some of the best space stories. Each community member hosts the Carnival of Space and spreads the love to the interwebs.

So please, sit back, relax, and let these stories take you away on the cosmic beaches of the universe.

Evidence from Curiosity rover shows Mars once had oxygen-rich atmosphere

Here’s an article by on how the Curiosity rover discovered that Mars once had oxygen-rich atmosphere. Read on to find out what this means for understanding Mars and its history.

Don’t Blink or You’ll Miss it

Have you ever looked upon the night sky and saw a comet shooting across the sky? Okay it probably doesn’t happen often enough for most people to see but how about a photo? Ever wonder how we find these objects? Well Ryan Marciniak runs us through on how astronomers find objects in the solar system for over the last century. Check out the fully story here.

Is a New Particle About to be Announced?

An article by Universe Today about if a new particle will be announced today. We know that the Large Hadron Collider (famously known for discovering Higgs Boson particle), has been publishing papers and showing possibilities of new fields of science. Read on to find out what this new particle could be.

Starshade Prepares To Image New Earths

Kepler spacecraft has been discovering new exoplanets over the last couple of years or so. However, Starshade is ushering in a new generation of discovering more exoplanets bringing us closer to answer the question, “Is there life on other planets?” Read the full article here to find out more about it.

A Summer Comet: Our Guide to Observing X1 PanSTARRS

Wishing you could spot a comet with just a pair of decent binoculars? Well your wish is the universe’s command..or we used some math to predict where the comet will be in 2016 😉 Check out the full article on how you can spot X1 PanStarrs comet this summer!


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