Carnival of Space 552: Best Space Stories of the Week

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Welcome to the Carnival of Space! It’s where the best stories are curated for you weekly and hosted by different astronomy bloggers around the globe. We have an awesome line-up for you today. Let’s get right to it!


Saturn Photobombs a Picture of the Martian Moon Phobos – Universe Today

Phobos and background star

Credit: ESA/DLR/FU Berlin

Our first story comes from Universe Today where we take a look at the Mars Express mission and the story behind how it caught this amazing photobomb caused by Phobos. Check out the full article here.


Did the Milky Way Steal These Stars or Kick Them Out of the Galaxy? – Universe Today


Milky Way Tidal Wave

Credit: T. Mueller/C. Laporte/NASA/JPL-Caletch

Universe Today writes about if the Milky Way stole these stars or kicked them out of the galaxy. It’s fascinating to try and understand the evolution of our Milky Way as well as how scientists go about doing so. Check out the full story here.


A New Planetary System Has Been Found with Three Super Earths – Universe Today

HD 7924

Credit: Karen Termaura and BJ Fulton, UH IfA

Up next is a story about the discovery of a new planetary system called HD 7924. As we try and find our place in space and answer the question are we alone, scientists are finding new planetary systems by looking at data from the K2 missions. Read the full story on what this planetary system has in store for you.


Rosetta’s 67P Is The Result Of A Collision Of Two Comets – Universe Today

comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko - true color

Credit: ESA/Rosetta/OSIRIS

Now we look at the famous “duck” shaped comet 67p. What an amazing mission by ESA’s Rosetta team. In this story, we learn about how this comet resulted in this shape. We learn it may be caused by a collision of two comets. But there’s more going on here than just that, check out the full story here.


Using Astronaut Photos of River Morphology as an Instructional Tool – CosmoQuest

ISS - Darling River Australia

Credit: NASA

I really like how different this story is from your usual space stories. CosmoQuest writes about how students can use the CosmoQuest image detective tool to learn about rivers from a different angle. Check out the full post here for this interesting write-up.


A Major Update to a Classic! CosmoQuest releases Mappers 2.0 – CosmoQuest

Mars Globe Valles Marineris - NASA - JPL

Credit: NASA / JPL

CosmoQuest has a new update for you! They have released software called Mappers 2.0. This new update will allow everyday people be turned into citizen scientists that can help the community answer questions about Mercury or Mars. At the very least it’s worth playing around with, check out the full story here.


Multiverse comes from Eternal Inflation – Next Big Future


Credit: Google Images/ Unknown

Our next story is from Next Big Future. We take a look at the ever exciting multiverse and learn about how Alan Guth describes how eternal cosmic inflation may explain the multiverse theory. Check out the full story here.


China launches scaled down reusable space plane – Next Big Future

China Reusable Plane

In this article, we take a look at how China launched a scaled-down version of a reusable plane. We live in an exciting time where we’re seeing this private space race as well as a global space race to build better and more efficient spacecraft. Check out the full story here.


Thanks for joining us for this week of Carnival of Space. I always love hosting these. If you want to look at past Carnival of Space posts check Universe Today’s page here.

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