New COSMOS Trailer

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Why Haven’t You Seen the new COSMOS Trailer?     If you haven’t seen the new COSMOS trailer then read no more and just watch the video! COSMOS is a famous series led by my main man Carl Sagan. It inspired so many people like myself to wonder more about the universe. It made me realize how beautiful and awesome astronomy is and how we don’t look up enough. The trailer plays the epic card pretty hard but we are talking about Neil deGrasse Tyson here and the universe! So it seems fairly accurate to make it epic. COSMOS is also directed by Seth Macfarlane  who is a huge fan of science and Carl Sagan. Even though 2014 is a long wait you can still check out all the old COSMOS on youtube

Parting Moon Shots from GRAIL Mission

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Parting Moon Shots from GRAIL Mission

Mind Blowing Neutron Star’s Spin

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  This movie from NASA’s Chandra X-ray Observatory shows a fast moving jet of particles produced by a rapidly rotating neutron star, and may provide new insight into the nature of some of the densest matter in the universe. The star of this movie is the Vela pulsar, a neutron star that was formed when a massive star collapsed. The Vela pulsar is about 1,000 light years from Earth, spansis about 12 miles in diameter, and makes over 11 complete rotations every second, faster than a helicopter rotor. (NASA) This is an incredible video of a neutron star’s spin and is a reminder to how insane nature can be.

Just Watch This. A Flight Through the Universe

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Watching this makes you feel like a spiritual being travelling through the cosmos. Amazing how even a galaxy as big as our own can just be a point of light in the sky.  

Coolest Science Videos of the Day

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Here are the Coolest Science Videos of the day:   The first one was shown to me by my favorite @BadAstronomer or Phil Plait. This is a video by a young guy in London. His videos are fun and random and it’s hard not to enjoy them.  Check this out:     Also the picture of Saturn’s eclipse he was talking about. You can even see Earth in the background photo bombing the picture haha. Click to enlarge! Source:   This next video is for anyone who wants 1.5 hours of official Apollo footage. Check it here:   Last but not least I couldn’t help but post this awesome Carl Sagan video that recently popped up. It’s done with some great animation. Short but sweet.   Pale Blue Dot from ORDER on Vimeo....

NASA on Comets that Can Survive the Sun

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Comets are extraordinary, so extraordinary in fact that some comets can survive the sun! Most sun grazing comets that we have observed don’t survive grazing the sun. However, observations by NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory (SDO) we can actually SEE comet Lovejoy survive! This comet was discovered last year by Terry Lovejoy an amateur Australian astronomer who was observing during an ongoing comet survey in November 2011. Now check this video out: