Deadly Meteor Hits Russia Shocks World

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Deadly Meteor Hits Russia Injures 750+ People


Wow what a day! While everyone’s eyes were on 2012DA14 this surprise meteor comes out of nowhere over Russia. Not only that but there are tons of photos and footage on this! Sadly there have been at least 750 people reported injured. I first heard news from my main guy Phil Plait over at Bad Astronomy and the story goes that at 9:30 a.m a meteor broke over Russia or 1500 km east of Moscow. It was in broad daylight and was even brighter than the sun! There was a sonic boom from the explosion which blew out most of the windows. This event shocks us in a way that no one had expected. The whole world was watching Russia and wondering what it looked like. Here is some of the Russian citizens saw.






Impact 2



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