Golden Spike Announces Commercial Trip to the Moon for… $1.5 billion

By on Dec 6, 2012 in Breaking News | 0 comments

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Credit: Golden Spike Company


Well you may or may have not heard the news today. The Golden Spike announced that it would be offering a trip to the moon aimed for 2020. Why do we care even though last time we were on the moon was in 1972? Well it’s that very fact that we haven’t been back to the moon in 40 years! Obviously this isn’t for any regular joe like you or I. This is aimed at the rich and powerful leaders who can afford this. Nonetheless it’s a step in the right direction to me. It’s always risky offering commercial space flight because it’s so high in cost as well as how many people can you really get on board with this? Well here is a promotional video they released to go along with this.



I am really excited about this because to me it means we are thinking more about space and that hopefully it is inspiring someone who is young today and one day will grow up to join NASA and help solve the universes’s mysteries and benefit mankind. Here is a quote that you may like:

“We’re not just about America going back to the moon; we’re about American industry and American entrepreneurial spirit leading the rest of the world to an exciting era of human lunar exploration,” said Stern in a press release. “It’s the 21st century, we’re here to help countries, companies, and individuals extend their reach in space, and we think we’ll see an enthusiastic customer manifest developing.”

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Last but not least here is a picture of how the trip will go:



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