Penny4NASA – One of the Most Inspiring Videos You’ll See Today

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Penny4NASA – One of the Most Inspiring Videos You’ll See Today



Space exploration and science in general is wonderful and awe inspiring. Even right now there is a mission called New Horizon, which will be orbiting Pluto in 2015, 2 other missions from 2 different countries headed to Mars, and countless others. It’s an exciting time to be living in and also a tough time as well. It’s not enough to sit back and cheer from afar, it will take some passionate groups of people and some heavy convincing to the public that space exploration is important. Cue Penny4NASA.


NASA's Budget Over the Years

Credit: Penny4NASA


For those of who don’t know, Penny4NASA is an organization that is comprised of enthusiastic space advocates that want to get NASA to 1% of the Federal budget. Penny4NASA is derived from the notion that right now NASA receives half a percent of the federal budget or half a penny of the American dollar. The current budget has let NASA do wonderful science that helps us learn about our solar system and beyond. However, this budget has also not been enough for many missions and projects and ended up cancelling many of them. A panel called “Review of United States Human Space Flight Plans,” examines the ongoing activities of NASA and will seek input from the White House, public ,industry, and international partners as it develops options. The public is an important part and with the help of the silent majority we can make a huge difference. If you would love to help in your own way then go here right now and tell your policy maker why NASA needs more budget.


Just remember that with 4% of the federal budget it got us to land on the Moon as well as a return of investment of 33%! Let’s make a difference and see what other mysteries are waiting to be discovered by us.

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