Where Have Meteors Fallen on Earth and What Are the Differences?

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Earth Impact Locations

 A very common question we all ask is where have meteors fallen on Earth? Also how big are these rocks or how heavy are they? These are good questions to ask to know the real danger of these space travellers. Well I took this first image from a cool facebook page called The Earth Story, check them out if you have time.



This map shows every meteorite fall on Earth that we know about; where scientists have found either meteorites or impact craters. Some of these craters and meteorite fragments date as far back as the year 2,300 BCE. The data for the image is from the US Meteorological Society and does not show places where meteorites might have fallen but no trace has yet been found.To view the interactive map, where you can click on each meteorite spot to learn more, go here:



The data used for the image is available here:



An alternative visualisation:




Visualisation by Simon Rogers, using data from the US Meteorological Society


One common question asked by many people is the difference between a comet, asteroid, meteor, and meteorite. Well here’s an awesome infographic to show you the way!


Differences Between Meteors, Comets, and Asteroids

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